Henan Association of Foreign-Invested Enterprises Visited Shouyangshan Project


Join hands with China Resources Power to embrace the green future. On June 20, Henan Association of Foreign-invested Enterprises visited Henan China Resources Power Shouyangshan Co., Ltd. (referred to as Shouyangshan Project) to conduct the first exchange visit of directors in 2019.

Visiting guests included: Hu Baosen, Chairman of Henan Association of Foreign-invested Enterprises and Chairman of the Board of Central China, Du Junfu, Secretary of Shuanghui Group Party Committee, Wang Hongzhang, Deputy Chairman of CP Group (China), and 68 heads and representatives from foreign-invested enterprises in Henan, including Coca-Cola, Cushman & Wakefield, and Yum China.

Accompanied and guided by Cao Yang, General Manager of Shouyangshan Project, the guests visited the digital exhibition hall, production site and Happy Farm. At the meeting, Xin Wenda, General Manager of Central-West China Region, said that China Resources, as a red central enterprise with 81 years of history, had always shouldered social responsibilities, and Central-West China Region was willing to join hands with foreign-invested enterprises to overcome difficulties and achieve win-win results for both power generation enterprises and energy users. After that, Henan Electricity Sales Company had their marketing staff interpret the electricity reform policy and the company’s electricity sales business, and signed electricity sales service agreement with enterprises including CP Food, Zhengzhou Nissan, and Zhengzhou Nishin Precision.

During the interactive communication session, the guests were full of praise for the company’s clean and tidy plant environment, as well as advanced management technology and philosophy, and deeply impressed by the characteristic “environmental data real-time display”, “outstanding expert wall”, “Hubendao” and “Happy Farm”. They also expressed their appreciation of CR Power’s adherence to green development and practice of social responsibilities, believing that it deserves the title of “China Resources Group Six-Star Benchmark Plant”.

At the end of the event, Chairman Hu Baosen pointed out that as a red central enterprise, China Resources Group has made unique contributions to the establishment of New China. Through this visit, the guests were deeply attracted by the normalization, standardization, informationization and humanization of the enterprise. It is hoped that the two sides would continuously strengthen communication and cooperation starting with this exchange of directors, and contribute to the benefit of people in Central Plains and the revitalization of economy in Henan.

Xu Daqun, Director of Taiwan-Hong Kong-Macao Economic and Trade Cooperation Division, Xue Jianlu, Deputy Director of Foreign Investment Management Division, and Sun Dan, Researcher from Henan Provincial Commerce Department and, Gu Tingwei, Party Secretary of Henan Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau, attended the activity.

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