Hunan and Liyujiang Projects Awarded 2018 Hunan Environmental Integrity Enterprise


Recently, Hunan Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment released the list of enterprise environmental credit evaluation grade of 2018. China Resources Power Hunan Co., Ltd. (referred to as Hunan Project) and Hunan China Resources Power Liyujiang Co., Ltd. (referred to as Liyujiang Project) were rated as Hunan Environmental Integrity Enterprise.

In this year’s provincial environmental credit evaluation, there were actually 1,220 enterprises competing, of which 31 (3 electric power enterprises only) were rated as environmental integrity enterprises.

Over the recent years, Hunan Project and Liyujiang Project have invested large amounts of funds in environmental protection facilities, such as the upgrading and transformation of ultra-low emissions, energy saving of steam turbine, renovation of heating boiler, and construction of heating pipelines. In terms of energy conservation and emission reduction, the total annual emission reductions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and soot are about 1940, 4270 and 316 tons respectively, resulting in saving about 7.9 tons of standard coal every year.

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