Hong Kong and Macao Student Internship Delegation Visited Guangzhou Project


On May 31, the 2019 Nansha “Hundred of Enterprises, Thousands of Interns” Internship Delegation of Young Student from Hong Kong and Macao went to Guangzhou China Resources Thermal Power Co., Ltd. (referred to as Guangzhou Project) to get a close look at the technological innovation and environmental protection achievements of modern power plants in the Mainland.

Under the guidance of technicians, about 120 interns from Hong Kong and Macao visited the main production areas in groups, including cooling towers, environmental protection facilities in desulfurization and denitrification, generators, steam turbines, boilers, centralized control room, and note offices. With real objects and plain language, the technicians introduced the production principle and process of thermal power plant and the “ultra-low emission” transformation technology to help the interns understand the knowledge of energy conversion, desulfurization and denitrification.

Along the way, the interns also visited the coffee bar, family wall, Happy Farm, and personally experienced the humanistic care of Guangzhou Project and the integration of modern power plants with green production. They highly praised the environmental management and social responsibility of Guangzhou Project.

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