Haifeng Project Launches Open Activity Themed with “Opening up to Innovative Development”


On April 14, a delegation consisting of 19 representatives from University of East Anglia and Southern University of Science and Technology visited China Resources Power (Haifeng) Co., Ltd. (referred to as Haifeng Project). Professor Guan Dabo from School of International Development at University of East Anglia, and Liang Xi, Associate Professor in Energy Finance at the University of Edinburgh and Secretary General of UK-China (Guangdong) CCUS Center, attended the event.

After receiving safety notification guidelines, the visiting guests entered the production site and visited the main production areas, including seawater desalination system, totally-enclosed coal yard, green shore power terminal, CCUS carbon capture system, distributed photovoltaic and intelligent centralized control room, as well as the international environmental education exhibition hall, experiencing the environmental protection technology, innovative development, responsibility measures and beautiful environment of modern thermal power plant in zero distance. At the same time, the delegation interacted and exchanged with employees of the project company on the production principles and processes, seawater desalination, energy storage frequency modulation, CCUS carbon capture process and technological innovation of the thermal power plant.

Experts attending the meeting said that under the new industry structure, Haifeng Project had opened up their minds, actively made innovations, broadened their thought, continuously explored effective management measures, gradually improved technical levels, and made positive contributions to international exchanges and social influence enhancement. This open exchange activity achieved good results. It is hope that the two sides will further communicate and explore feasible and innovative ways of cooperation between scientific research and production, thus achieving harmonious development and progress together. Student representatives from the University of East Anglia said that this event increased their understanding of modern energy equipment and cognition of green power generation, and expressed their recognition to the rapid development of China’s large thermal power technology and the innovative development concept of power plants.

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