Warm Winter in Nanjing Ensured by CR Power: Perfect Heating Service under the Guideline of "Three Lows and One Fast"
03-12-2018 China Power News Network

Perfect heating service under the guideline of “Three Lows and One Fast"

- Report on Winter Heating Supply for Nanjing South Railway Station by CR Power (Nanjing) Thermal Power Co., Ltd. in 2018

By Han Dingzhu

After the beginning of winter in Nanjing, the temperature is getting lower every day. The continuous winter rain makes the winter colder. The golden ginkgo leaves and the red leaves like the morning glow seem to have changed the look of the city overnight. Swaying in the wind, they are telling people that winter has really come.

With the cold wind coming, the heating work of the waiting hall of Nanjing South Railway Station was also started. After many contacts and communications by the thermal marketing manager of CR Power (Nanjing) Thermal Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Nanjing CR Power"), Nanjing South Railway Station notified Nanjing CR Power in writing on November 15 this year that it would complete the heating and steam delivery to Nanjing South Railway Station by 24:00 on November 20.

After receiving the notice, Nanjing CR Power immediately convened a special meeting of heating operation managers and other personnel of related jobs. At the meeting, General Manager Liu Xuetao of Thermal Power Company asked all functional divisions to actively respond and conduct a thorough inspection before delivering steam to the heating pipeline of Nanjing South Railway Station in an all-round way to ensure a complete success. At the same time, the measures to warm the pipes were improved, and the strictly controlled “low pressure, low temperature, low consumption and fast heating" (hereinafter referred to as "Three Lows and One Fast") was adopted to warm the pipes before heating supply.

On November 17, the continuous winter rain finally stopped. The smile of the sun was also looming from behind the clouds. The people on vacation took advantage of this rare opportunity to go out and enjoy the autumn and winter scenery that nature brought to them. At this time, the employees of Nanjing CR Power are busy working for steam heating supply to Nanjing South Railway Station. Although it is no longer raining, the sun shines through the clouds from time to time, but the roads are wet and muddy after the rain, and the cold wind blows cold in the back of the head. They are working hard and pleasantly to finish the steam heating delivery to Nanjing South Railway Station on time. In order to verify the new operation method of “Three Lows and One Fast", the on-site operators work closely with the power generation department and operate strictly according to the requirements.

The “Three Lows and One Fast” operation method adopted in this start-up is to largely extend the time to warm the pipelines with low-flow steam, and stabilize the pressure in the front section of the pipeline at certain parameter without gradually increasing the amount of inlet steam, adjust the opening degree of the bypass valve according to the rear hydrophobic condition to reduce the water blockage in the pipeline due to the excessively fast steam flow, and increase the heating contact surface between the steam and the condensed water in the pipeline so that part of the condensed water can be discharged after the heat exchange, and part of the condensed water will evaporate and flow into the rear pipeline to accelerate the preheating of condensate water in the whole pipeline and warm the pipeline, and quickly drain the accumulated water in the pipeline. According to the effect of the improved “Three Lows and One Fast" operation method we adopted this time, the working efficiency is improved; the steam loss is greatly reduced, and the vibration phenomenon caused by water impact in the pipeline is avoided.

On November 18, a gloomy and rainy day, one third of the heating plan for the 24-kilometer-long heating pipeline of Nanjing South Railway Station has completed, and today's work on the heating pipeline coincides with the most difficult section of the 24-kilometer pipeline. The rain that kept falling all night added to the difficulty of the trail, which was originally overgrown with vegetation. The operators kept driving in front with their sickles and kept driving away mosquitoes flying in front of their faces with the hands. Sometimes, they may slip and get up to move on in smile with the help of their colleagues. They would climb up from one side of the mountain, slide down from the other side, and open one hydrophobic gate after another, and then climb up from the other side of the mountain again and slide down to wait for the drain valve to drain all the steam before closing them one by one... Rain and sweat moisten their dry lips.

Waiting is the hardest time for them, especially in the rainy days of winter, the sweaty body just standing on the hillside will be blown cold and cold by the cold wind, but in this heating pipe, the warm heat has started to flow. This is the case with the employees of the company, who traded their hard work and sweat for the warmth and happiness of millions of people.

On November 19, the rain falling one day and night finally stopped. When the sun was looming in the sky, the passengers rushed through the Nanjing South Railway Station. The work of the last section of the 24-km Nanjing South Railway Station heating pipe will come to a close here. At 8:30, all the operation management and operation personnel of Nanjing CR Power came to the work site on time to ensure that each operation was accurate and in place. At the critical moment, Deputy General Manager Guo Shaosen of Nanjing CR Power came to the work site and inquired about the operation of the first two days in detail. After listening carefully to the work report to be carried out today, he stressed that: the operation in this area today is different from the previous two days. We must be very careful to avoid any mistakes. It represents the window of Nanjing and people from different industries all over the country and even all over the world are watching us. We must be sure to deliver a satisfactory result to Nanjing South Railway Station.

At 18:30 on November 19, after three days of hard work by all the employees of Nanjing CR Power, they accomplished the winter heating supply for Nanjing South Railway Station in cooperation with the power generation department and the maintenance unit, and the warm and clean heat filled in the entire hall of Nanjing South Railway Station to bring spring-like warmth to the passengers from all parts of the country.

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