CR Power's Guguan Wind Power Plant: Putting Ecological Protection First
15-10-2018 China Energy News

 CR Power's Baoji New Energy Company recently held an open day in the theme of "Green Development, Better Life" in Guguan Wind Power Plant.

It is understood that Guguan Wind Power Plant, located in Guguan Town, Longxian County, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province in the western "Guguan Town in Longxian County is a Hui nationality colony, and we help ethnic primary schools in various ways. Additionally, following the best practices of other wind power plants, they suggested that the local government unify the villagers' compensation for land acquisition into shares and share out bonus, so as to effectively realize income growth and sustainability."

Tian Huafeng, deputy county governor of Longxian County, said that in the process of transforming traditional energy into clean energy, the air quality of the county has improved significantly, and the Wind Power Plant has contributed to defending the blue sky and the air quality of the plain. "The county government will continue to strongly support CR Power's development in Longxian County, and approve Phase II of Guanshan project as soon as possible to speed up the project."

It is reported that Guguan Wind Power Plant is the first wind power plant to be put into operation by CR Power in Shaanxi. According to the clean energy development target of 20% of non-water renewable energy by 2020, in Shaanxi during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, CR Power’s planned wind power installed capacity is 1 million kilowatts, mainly distributed in the cities of northern Shaanxi and Guanzhong. At present, 200 MW projects in Longxian, Chencang and Fengxiang have been approved or allocated quota. "The fastest progress is made in the Chencang Project and the Longxian Phase II Project, which are scheduled to start in March and April next year and strive for the interconnection of the first unit next year; The company also plans to build a 160 MW distributed wind power project in Baoji and to purchase 500 million KW by investment", Mao Haiyan added.

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