Public Open Day Held by CR Power Yichang Company

On September 30, CR Power Yichang Co., Ltd. held a public open day in the theme of “Green Development, Better Life”. Villagers around the factory area walked into Yichang Company to experience the real appearance of clean and efficient thermal power plants at close range.

After the visit in the whole morning, the villagers recognized the neat and orderly environment of the modern thermal power plant, realizing that the white smoke was actually a large amount of water vapor and seeing the advanced and efficient operation and management mode of the thermal power plant in the centralized control room. The crowd exclaimed from time to time with praise.

Liao Xiong, Yichang Company’s general department director, thinks that the open day is like “inviting neighbors to sit at home" and is an effective way for residents around to deepen their understanding of the power plant. "My children came to see me at the company and the employee dormitory was closer to the cooling tower. After they returned, they said 'Dad lives in a chimney house’.” Liao Xiong said with a smile, “Now my child has understood that it is a cooling tower and will tell others. Good communication is very important."

On the way to visit the factory, a villager stretched out his hand and touched the leaves near the road. He turned to his friend and said, “Look, there is no ash on this leaf! It is obvious that thermal power plants really do not pollute the environment, and environmental protection is really effective."

With the development of society, the public's pursuit of green environmental protection is constantly improving. It is really a hard job to build a thermal power plant in Yichang, the “capital of hydropower”. Yichang Company has built two domestic supercritical coal-fired cogeneration units of 350,000 kilowatts and simultaneously built desulfurization, denitration and dust removal devices. In 2016, the company invested nearly RMB 70 million to take the lead in completing the transformation of dual-engine ultra-low emissions in Hubei Province, reducing the emission concentrations of nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and dust to 36 mg / m3, 21 mg / m3 and 2 mg / m3, and reducing the total pollutant emissions to 15 % before the transformation.

Yichang Company spared no effort to achieve the goal of green development. The company has built four 25000 tons of super-large coal storage silos, which not only greatly saves the land area, facilitates blending coal and burning, but also eliminates the environmental impact caused by the open-air placement of coal. Apart from the workers in charge of coal transportation, even other workers cannot see coal, and coal ash is not found in the factory. In addition, in order to reduce the interference of cooling tower water flow noise on the lives of the surrounding residents, Yichang Company invested nearly RMB 4 million to build a sound barrier in 2014. Even if the company is located in an industrial park, the noise impact will still be minimized.

It is understood that Yichang Company is exploring new modes of transformation and development such as sludge mixing and burning, garbage coupling power generation and long-distance heating, and continuously tapping the potential of two 350,000KW units to create green power for urban construction and social development.

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