CR's Lianzhou Wind Power Green Transformation Achieving Emissions Reduction by 1.53 Million Tons in Six Years
08-10-2018 China Power News Network


CR's Lianzhou Wind Power Plant is located in the mountains in the north of Lianzhou City, Qingyuan, Guangdong Province, where 95 wind turbines are turning slowly. On September 20, nearly 30 people, including the leaders from the government departments in Lianzhou City, teachers' representatives from Lianzhou City schools, dispatching center of Qingyuan City Power Bureau and the media, were invited to attend the open day in the theme of "Green Development, Better Life" organized by CR New Energy (Lianzhou) Wind Energy Co., Ltd. and Lianzhou Wind Power Office to get a close look at the production process of clean energy and the great achievement in green and environmentally friendly power generation.

Through watching the special promotional film, everyone learned about the working principle of wind power generation and the achievements of Lianzhou Wind Power Plant of CR New Energy (Lianzhou) Co., Ltd. in environmental protection, clean development and scientific and technological innovation. Then they visited the central control room and the production site together to get a close look at the production process of wind power generation and experience the modern green power generation process. Technicians gave vivid explanations to visiting guests on site equipment, power generation principles, energy conservation and environmental protection technologies, etc. During this period, all the delegates at the site signed on the signature wall and solemnly promised to protect the environment.

China Resources Power Holdings Co., Ltd. is one of the most efficient and effective comprehensive energy companies in China. Lianzhou Wind Power Generation Project in South China is the mainstay of CR New Energy Wind Power Development. It is reported that Lianzhou Wind Power Plant currently has a total installed capacity of 190 MW, with 95 wind turbines. Lianzhou Wind Power Plant's Phase I Yanxi Project was approved for construction by Guangdong Development and Reform Commission in September 2011. The first fan was officially connected to grid for power generation on May 5, 2012. By December 9, 2014, 95 wind turbines in Yanxi, Quanshui, Shuangxi and Shunshui for Phase IV projects were all connected to grid for power generation.

According to reports, Lianzhou Wind Power Plant is constructed in four phases, with a total investment of RMB 138.131 million. By August 2018, 1.76 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity had been generated, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 1,534,700 tons, and saving 616,000 tons of coal equivalent year on year.

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