CR Power Held Family Day Activities Themed with “Happiness Gathering in CR Power and Lighting up Thousands of Families”
09-11-2019 CR Power





On November 9th, China Resources Power celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and held Family Day activities themed with “Happiness Gathering in CR Power and Lighting up Thousands of Families”. Over 500 employees and their family members of nearly 200 families from the company headquarters participated in the activities, enjoying good times, celebrating the birthday of the motherland, and sharing joy and happiness together.


The winter of Shenzhen was as warm as spring, and the sky was blue. CR Power’s Vice President Wang Gaoqiang attended the event and delivered a speech, expressing his gratitude to the employees and their families for their dedication, and hoping everyone to actively participate in the activities, join the team, enhance mutual trust, deepen friendship and experience the culture of CR.


This family day event had three chapters: “Splendid Chapter 70, Singing for the Motherland”, “New Long March, New Mission”, “Stay True to the Mission, Moving forward unhesitatingly”. Over 500 people were divided into 8 square teams, and their vigorous and energetic appearance on stage marked the opening of the event. Subsequently, CR Power Love Choir consisting of staff representatives from all regions sang “Song of China Resources” and “Me and My Motherland”, expressing their love for the motherland and pride for the nation through beautiful songs and familiar melody.


The activities were divided into team sports and individual sports. The six team sports included 4x60m Relay Race, Pillow Fight, Office Chair Slide Relay, Obstacle Relay Race, Super CRPers and Tug-of-war. On the field, participants formulated strategies, cooperated well, and tried their best in running, jumping, sliding, and charging. They sprinkled sweat and released passion, with cheers and laughter rising and falling. The individual sports included Fun Gobang, Happy Fishing, Facial Makeup DIY and Competitive Archery, which attracted the active participation of children.


This has been the third annual Family Day event of the company headquarters since 2017, showing the unity and striving spirit of CRPers and creating a warm and loving atmosphere for the big family of CR Power. It was not only a celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China but also a reflection of the in-depth development of CR Power’s culture construction.

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