CR Power Held the Event of “CR Power in the Eyes of College Reporters”
23-09-2019 CR Power





From September 20th to 23rd, China Resources Power held an event of “CR Power in the Eyes of College Reporters” in the 4th Public Open Month with the theme of “Starting from the Heart, Sticking to Green Development”. Eighteen students in media-related majors from 11 universities, including Nanjing University, Sun Yat-sen University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, South China University of Technology, took part in the event, during which they visited Guangdong Shanwei Haifeng Power Plant, Fujian Longyan Zhenfu Wind Farm and Fujian Fuqing Smart Energy Project under CR Power, learning about the sustainable development of China’s modern energy and power enterprises and experiencing the innovation achievements of cutting-edge energy technology.


On September 20th, the event started in the Headquarters of CR Power at China Resources Tower in Shenzhen. Wang Changli, Secretary General and Manager of General Office of CR Power, introduced China Resources Group and general development situation of power generation, and explained the purpose and significance of the event. He also expressed his hope that college reporters could enhance their understanding and cognition of CR Power and the development of China’s energy power generation industry through on-site investigation and interview, thus to create wonderful works by combining what they had heard, seen and felt with their majors. Moreover, Mr. Wang hoped that they could strengthen the sense of responsibility and mission, constantly learn, practice and grow, thus to make contributions to the revival of Chinese nation. After the opening ceremony, the college reporters visited China Resources Tower and arrived at Haifeng Power Plant that night, where they enhanced mutual understanding through various icebreaking activities, such as “I am the Boss of My Team”, “Everybody Knows My Tag”, “Light Speed Elimination”, “Water Droplets Make Tower”, etc.


On the 21st, the reporters visited the beautiful and clean factory of Haifeng Power Plant, and conducted interviews successively in the enterprise exhibition hall, central control room, steam engine room, boiler platform and CCUS exhibition hall, where they learned about the innovation transformation of the power plant and the green environmental protection measures. Using papers, pens and photographic equipment in hands, they recorded the advanced technology in operation and environmental protection as well as the sustainable development concept of Haifeng Power Plant. During the stay, the reporters also interviewed local middle school teachers and students participating in the open activities to learn about their visiting feelings and understanding of the power plant.


On the 22nd, the reporters went to Fujian Longyan Zhenfu Wind Farm to experience the steady flow of power generated by clean renewable energy. Mr. Lin Rigeng, Deputy to the National People’s Congress of Fujian and the third-generation landlord of Zhencheng Earth Building in Yongding, participated in the event. He introduced the wind farm’s measures in building step-up substation combining with local characteristics, promoting local tourism industry, carrying out green rejuvenation actively, and repaying the society. Also, he expressed his appreciation to CR Power for their active fulfillment of social responsibilities and achievements made in the development of clean energy. During the visit, the college student reporters came to the #4 wind turbine platform together with the wind farm staff as well as teachers and students from local elementary school. Looking into the distance, green forest, blue sky, white fan blades and smiling people together formed a beautiful picture of harmonious coexistence of human and nature.


The last stop of the event was Fuyao Smart Energy Project in Fuqing, Fujian. The reporters listened to the introduction of CR Power Smart Energy Project in detail, and learned about the operation of the project on site. The responsible person answered questions raised by student reporters about the current functions, following plans, and economic value of the platform.


At the summing-up meeting, the holding office reviewed the itinerary and highlights of the event, and the student reporters demonstrated their literary, photography and video works during the activities. The media reporters from Workers’ Daily, China Environment News, China Energy News and Minsheng Weekly participating in the event were invited to serve as judges to score and comment on these works. At last, they selected four individual awards, including Best Text Reporter, Best Photo Reporter, Best Video Reporter, and Best Communication Award, as well as one group award: Best Team Award.


In the very beginning, nearly 100 students recommended by colleges and universities applied for this event. While after comprehensive evaluation, 18 outstanding students from 11 universities and colleges were selected. This event aimed at building a platform for outstanding students to participate in social practice and enhancing their understanding and cognition of efforts and achievements made by modern Chinese energy enterprises, closely following the national strategies, in green development, energy conservation and environmental protection, technological innovation, and social responsibility. At the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, CR Power further deepened the public open month activities, strengthened openness and communication, and joined hands with outstanding youth to explore and experience China’s development achievements in the new era.

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