Happy 18th Birthday to China Resources Power!
27-08-2019 CR Power





18, full of vigor, is like the rising sun.


18, in high spirit, is like the nectar. 


Today, China Resources Power is 18 years old!


On August 27th, the office area at the Shenzhen headquarters of CR Power was filled with joyful atmosphere. Colorful balloons, vibrant flags, warm flowers, youthful posters and exquisite gifts made a sea of joy. For more than 20,000 CRPers, this was a day worth celebrating, because 18 years ago, China Resources Power Holdings Co., Ltd. was founded in the beautiful Victoria Bay of Hong Kong.


After 18 years of arduous work and struggle, CR Power has gradually developed from a thermal power plant with only two 300MW units into a comprehensive energy service provider with an asset of HKD 215.4 billion and a controlled operational capacity of 42290MW today. Our business involves thermal power, wind power, hydropower, photovoltaic power generation, distributed energy, electricity sales, smart energy services and other fields, and our investment covers 30 provincial-level administrative regions all over the country. Along the way, we have vigorously developed renewable energy, from the first 24MW wind farm established in 2006 to the wind power integration capacity exceeding 8000MW, and the proportion of installed clean energy operation has reached 22.7%. We also have continuously promoted coal-fired power upgrades and the net coal consumption rate of auxiliary power plants has decreased by 19.3g/kWh in five years, and we have built a 1000MW coal-fired power units with the lowest energy consumption in the world, the world’s first unit to upgrade 300MW pure solidification sub-critical to ultra-supercritical level and Asia’s first carbon capture technology test platform. Furthermore, we have actively adapted to the energy revolution, promoted business transformation and development, set up 25 provincial-level power sales companies, and successfully launched various smart energy projects, such as Fuyao Smart Energy Platform and Liyujiang Power Plant Energy Storage Auxiliary Frequency Modulation Project. Adhering to innovation-driven development, we have continuously reinforced the research, development and application of high-tech cutting-edge technologies, successively launched innovative achievements such as Runyouyi and Runyoushi systems, thermal power CSASS platform and new energy intelligent operation system, and greatly improved operational efficiency and core competitiveness. Besides, we have steadily developed international business, successfully acquired the equity of Dudgeon offshore wind power project from UK and achieved zero breakthrough in overseas business. Each of these milestones has been the outcomes and achievements of CRPers made through self-challenge, breakthrough and innovation, never giving up, and the pursuit of excellence, which are also our precious memories and valuable spiritual wealth.


“Eighteen years of hardships, and eighteen years of achievements...” With the deep message from Hu Min, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of CR Power, CRPers recalled the glorious days of hard work, shared the joy of flourishing development, and reinforced the ambition to climb high. In this new era and at this new starting point, CR Power will continuously commit itself to creating a better life for the masses, make unremitting efforts to become a world-class clean energy enterprise, and create a new chapter in the new journey. Over the past eighteen years of journey, you and I have experienced together, which has been very exciting; in the future, let all CRPers continue to join hands and work together to make the next moment different!

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