Central China Region Fifth Camp of 2019 China Resources “Future Star” Training Camp Opened
15-07-2019 CR Power



On July 15, Central China Region Fifth Camp (Power Camp) of 2019 China Resources “Future Star” New Employee Training Camp opened in Wuhan, Hubei. President Hu Min and Vice President Wang Gaoqiang of CR Power, heads of CR’s Human Resources Department, CR Power’s relevant departments and regions, and 343 trainees attended the opening ceremony.


This is the tenth year for the “Future Stat” Training Camp. The ceremony kicked off with a 10-year anniversary video full of emotions and sensations and a lively opening video. Liu Ning, from CR’s Human Resources Department, introduced China Resources University. Lin Niansheng, Director of Fifth Camp and General Manager of Central China Region, introduced the program, culture and management of Fifth Camp in Central China Region. There are 38 counselors and 343 trainees, of which the number of doctors, masters and bachelors are 2, 92 and 226 respectively, further raising the proportion of masters and undergraduates.


In the flag-passing ceremony, President Hu Min took over the camp flag from the representative of 2018 Power Camp and handed it over to Lin Niansheng, together with care and expectation for the new employees from the Group and CR Power. All the campers made a solemnly oath, and President Hu Min and other guests lit up the energy ball symbolizing youth and dreams, announcing the official opening of the Central China Region Fifth Camp of 2019 China Resources “Future Star” Training Camp.


President Hu Min gave the trainees the first lesson by reviewing the 80 years’ “previous and present life” of China Resources Group, elaborating the internal factors of CR Power’s rapid and quality development over the past 18 years, and analyzing the external opportunities and challenges faced by the company at present. He encouraged the “Future Stars” to establish initial aspirations, strengthen convictions, and cultivate good professional qualities; set up goals, develop skills, and cultivate innovation and creation capabilities; get down to earth, overcome difficulties, and cultivate perseverance, thus undertaking the mission of the times and defining youth with hard work.


The opening ceremony was brought to a successful close in the impassioned chorus of the camp song. Next, 343 “Future Stars” will strive to achieve the goal of “identifying CR, transforming roles and setting up ambitions” through a 30-day closed training, and complete the transformation from students to CRers.

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