Chairman Li Ruge Accompanied Deputy Director of National Energy Administration Liu Baohua to Investigate in Caofeidian Project of CR Power
28-06-2019 CR Power



On June 27, Liu Baohua, Deputy Director of National Energy Administration, went to China Resources Power (Tangshan Caofeidian) Co., Ltd. (referred to as Caofeidian Project) for investigation and a symposium chaired by Li Ruge, Chief Accountant of China Resources Group and Chairman of the Board of CR Power, was held. Liu Yahong, Deputy Director of Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Director of Hebei Provincial Energy Bureau, and Sun Guishi, Secretary of Tangshan Caofeidian District Party Committee, accompanied during the investigation.


The investigation group first visited the 2×1000MW power generating unit centralized control platform of Caofeidian Phase II Project, listened to the introduction of the unit’s technical advantages, investigated on the important equipment areas such as steam turbine operation platform, and obtained in-depth understanding of equipment selection and design optimization. During the visit, the investigation group spoke highly of the 16 independent innovation technologies and excellent performance indicators implemented during the construction of Phase II Project. Deputy Director Liu Baohua and Chairman Li Ruge conveyed their greetings to the frontline staff on site.


At the symposium, the investigation group listened to reports on the development history of China Resources Group and CR Power, the operation and management situation of North China Region, and the progress of Caofeidian Phase II Project. Deputy Director Liu Baohua said that this investigation was very rewarding as Caofeidian Project was a coal-fired power plant with the most advanced global design indicators. Its concept and technological innovations embody the accumulation and improvement of development experience in the coal power industry of China, representing the glorious practice of the new development concept in the power industry and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s new development concept, which has been at the forefront of the coal-fired power industry and achieved better development and transcendence. Deputy Director Liu Baohua also raised expectations for future development of the project. First, they should adhere to innovation-driven developing strategy, achieve highly efficient and clean development of coal-fired power units, and define a new image for China’s coal-fired power development. Second, they should strengthen operation management of the units and ensure safety of electricity and energy utilization in social and economic development. Third, they should play a leading role in innovation, promote advanced experience and technology, set good examples for the progressing of thermal power industry, and advance the green development of coal-fired power industry.


Chairman Li Ruge expressed his gratitude to the leaders of National Energy Administration for their investigation in Caofeidian Project and indicated that CR Power had benefited a lot from the strong support and concern of National Energy Administration, for their taking the lead in the industry in terms of overall layout optimization, clean and low-carbon development, safety and high efficiency, and technological innovation. Under the current green and low-carbon development trend of coal power, technological innovation, scientific research and development, and operation structure optimization are the primary choices for coal power enterprises. CR Power will plan elaborately and innovate boldly, make full use of the technological platform advantages of Caofeidian Project, and build a coal power technology research and development demonstration site. Besides, CR Power will live up to the concern and support from National Energy Administration, Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Tangshan Municipal Government, give full play to the resource endowments in safe production, technological innovation, clean and low-carbon development, high efficiency and reliability, and strengthen management and practice, thus accomplishing the tasks assigned by the State successfully.


Relevant leaders of Power Department, Coal Department, North China Regulatory Bureau of National Energy Administration and Hebei Provincial Energy Bureau, Zhao Houchang, Vice President of CR Power, and Wang Bo, General Manager of North China Region, accompanied during the investigation.

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