CR Power’s Wind Power Integration Capacity Exceeds 8000MW
28-05-2019 CR Power



On May 28, CR Power held an event to celebrate its wind power integration capacity exceeding 8000MW at the No.16 Wind Generator on Nanxing Wind Farm in Leizhou, Zhanjiang, Guangdong. Cao Xing, member of the Standing Committee of Zhanjiang Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, Huang Liandong, Deputy Secretary of Leizhou Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, and President Hu Min of CR Power, were present at the event to jointly unveil the memorial stone for CR Power’s wind power integration capacity exceeding 8000MW.


Before the event, President Hu Min called on Zheng Renhao, Secretary of Zhanjiang Municipal Party Committee, expressing his gratitude to Zhanjiang for its long-term support to CR Power. He said that CR Power had attached great importance to the business development in Zhanjiang, with a wind power installed capacity of 200,000 kilowatts put into operation and an investment of 1.6 billion yuan completed since CR Power entered Zhanjiang in 2013. In the future, CR Power plans to invest in developing clean energy projects and integrated energy service projects in Zhanjiang with a total capacity of 370,000 kilowatts and a total investment of RMB 3 billion to promote economic and social development as well as environmental protection in Zhanjiang, thus to achieve win-win results for both governments and enterprises.


Secretary Zheng Renhao expressed his welcome and support to CR Power’s investment in Zhanjiang. He said that promoting clean energy industrial development through cooperation with CR Power was a concrete measure to implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s though on energy development strategy, and also a useful exploration into the local adjustment of energy structure according to practical situation. He also said that Zhanjiang Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government would unswervingly implement the concept of high quality and new development, continuously ensure supporting services, and support the development of CR Power in Zhanjiang as always. He hoped that CR Power could continuously increase investment in the clean energy industry and set up more high-quality projects in Zhanjiang to help Zhanjiang make economic and social progress and open up a new situation of reform and development in a new era.


At the launching event, President Hu Min expressed his gratitude to the governments at all levels in Zhanjiang for their concern and support to CR Power and the hard work of cooperation units and construction teams. He pointed out that CR Power had been committed to building a world-class clean energy enterprise trusted by the public and preferred by customers, and promoting clean energy industrial development vigorously. He hoped that CR Power and Zhanjiang could carry out in-depth cooperation with innovative models, rich layers and comprehensive orientation in the fields of renewable energy development, industrial poverty alleviation, urban solid waste treatment, power distribution network and intelligent energy service, and push forward local economic and social development, thus making contributions to Zhanjiang’s strategy of “accelerating the construction of Guangdong Provincial Sub-center City and striving to build an important development pole of the modern coastal economic belt”.


Cao Xing, member of the Standing Committee of Zhanjiang Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, congratulated CR Power on their wind power integration capacity exceeding 8 million kilowatts. He indicated that as a central enterprise, CR Power had been devoted to exploring a mutually beneficial and win-win model for green energy investment and green development in Zhanjiang, as well as building a green energy base. As CR Power’s projects in Zhanjiang had achieved good economic, ecological and social benefits, he hoped that CR Power would increase investment in Zhanjiang, and Zhanjiang would also actively carry out various services and supporting work to ensure sound and fast development of the economy through joint efforts of the two sides.


The leaders and guests also started the “windmill” together on the site, which implied that CR Power’s wind power project had taken root in Zhanjiang, and also conveyed the message that CR Power’s wind power poverty alleviation project, just like rotating blades, would help realize the beautiful vision that “the sound of wind and rotation brings us money; poverty alleviation and elimination never leads us to poverty again” in the future.


Green development creates better life. In recent years, CR Power has actively responded to the national energy strategy and vigorously developed clean energy business with a focus on wind power. It has only been half a year since November 26, 2018 when wind power installed capacity exceeded 7 million kilowatts, marking further acceleration of the company’s wind power development and laying a solid foundation for CR Power’s further optimization of business structure and successful completion of strategic goals of the 13th Five-Year Plan.


Municipal leaders of Zhanjiang and Leizhou, heads and representatives of partners including Mingyang Intelligent Energy Group, China MCC17 Group, New Energy Department of Beijing Design Institute and Anhui Power Construction First Company of China Energy Engineering Group, and persons in charge of relevant departments in CR Power attended the event.

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